Highlights (KICC) is holding classes for Arabic language and Quran teaching for Muslim and Non-muslim residents of Kagoshima. To participate in the classes contact us by Mail.




Kagoshima Islamic Culture Center (KICC), is an NPO Organization, aiming to unify the force that brings together a wonderfully diverse Muslim community in the great Satsuma region, Kyushu, Japan and now increasingly, all of Kyushu Island !
   The Muslim community in Kagoshima is diverse. Within the KICC one can find a wide array of muslim ethnicities, races, education and cultures including  South Asians, Arabs, Chinese, Turks, Japanese, Africans, Caucasians and more. The KICC Organization brings these extraordinary muslim communities together in cooperation and collaboration with one another, with the interfaith communities, with civil organizations, the academy and the public sector in Satsuma.

  Since its inception, KICC has taken upon itself to provide the much-needed services to the Kagoshima Muslim community, ranging from health care, to religious support, to Muslim weekend education. Leadership through service is the essence of our work. Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, once said, "The leader of the community is its servant." (Tabarani & Daylami)

The Main Objectives of KICC are


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Provide the much-needed services to the Satsuma area Muslim community, ranging from health care, to religious support.


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Conduct social, cultural, and religious activities in the best traditions of Islam.


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Promote unity and build coalitions of Muslims, and Serve as a reliable information source about Islam for non-Muslims

For Whom ?

  Any Muslim and Non-muslim resident of Kagoshima who is interested to know  about Islam or need help to deal with issue related to Islam or Muslim in the great Satsuma region and Kyushu Island. For further questions send an e-mail.


Prayer times
Fajer 5:00
Zoher 12:45
Asr 4:30
Maghrib 6:30
Ishaa 9:00
Contact Info
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Contact Information:
Email: Masjed@sicc-kagoshima.org
Mail: Kagoshima Masjed, Masago chou 84-21, Kagoshima、890-0066, Japan.