Highlights SATSUMA ISLAMIC CULTURE CENTER (SICC) is holding classes for Arabic language and Quran teaching every Saturday for Muslim and Non-muslim residents of Kagoshima. Registration in these classes can be made by clicking "CONTACT" at the top of the page.

一般社団法人  イスラム文化セ ンター薩摩

Satsuma Islamic Culture Center (SICC)

A Non-Profit Islamic Social Organization


“The Satsuma Islamic Culture Center Organization is Committed To Developing Strategies And Services Aimed To Improve The Quality Of Life For Muslim Individuals And Families In The Satsuma area, Kyushu, Japan.


The Satsuma Islamic Culture Center, NPO, a non-profit Organization established by individuals in the community who saw the need for a concerted effort to address the growing socio-islamic concerns of individuals and families in the Satsuma area.

Our Objectives:

  • Building Stronger Communities
  • Networking, Working for the Common Good
  • Working in Coalitions, Interfaith Partnerships
  • Working in with Schools, Officials, and Organizations
  • Build an Intelligent & Strong Voice for Japan Muslims
  • Providing services to the Satsuma muslim community:
- Health & Live-in-Japan Care
- Muslim Weekend Schools
- Muslim Prayers (Daily & Friday)
- Muslim Celebrations
- Marital Sponsors, Counseling & Celebrations
- Work Place Counceling
- Halal Food Counceling
- Community Development
- Social Services
- Islam Information & Events for Japanese
- Islamic Practices Trainings

Contact Info
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Contact Information:
Email: shura@sicc-kagoshima.org
Mail: Satsuma Islamic Culture Center, 2-28-1-509 Kamoike, Kagoshima890-0063, Japan.