The Satsuma Islamic Culture Center (SICC) was founded by Dr. Hisham Ibrahim, December 2008, in Kagoshima, Kyushu, Japan. Now, it become Kagoshima Islamic Culture Center (KICC) when established Kagoshima Masjid located in Masago Cho of Kagoshima City.

Board of Trustees

Director General
Dr. Hisham Ibrahim, Kagoshima University


Professor Ibrahim is a Cairo-born Japanese National who has been living in Japan since 1987. He is the Founder and Executive Director of the SICC Organization (now KICC). The bulk of his biochemistry research has been on the topic of Therapeutic Proteins and Peptides from food origins. He has published dozens of academic articles in several International reputable Journals and Books and is beginning to contribute insight articles to various national media outlets on "Science in Quran". His biography has been listed in  the most of International Biographical Institutes throughout the world.


Mr. Essam Hassan, The English Studies


Mr. Essam is a Cairo-born Japanese National, graduated from Ain Shams University, Faculty of Al-Alsun, majored in English Literature. He moved to Japan in 1998 for studies on Japanese language. He has established his own English Language School in Kagoshima city since 2004.


Dr. Muhammad Anwer , PHD in public health


Dr Anwar is a Pakistan born Japanese National living in Japan since 1997. He came to Japan as a student and obtained his PhD in public health from Kagoshima University. He is the Chief Executive of two import/export companies.