HighlightsSATSUMA ISLAMIC CULTURE CENTER (SICC) is holding classes for Arabic language and Quran teaching every Saturday for Muslim and Non-muslim residents of Kagoshima. Registration in these classes can be made by clicking "CONTACT" at the top of the page.
Your Generous Donation for Building Kagoshima Masjed is Urgently Needed. For details please click here ( Arabic or English ) .

KagoshimaIslamic Culture Center (SICC)

Kagoshima Masjed Project

-Masjeds are one of the most important figures to define the Islamic religion especially in non-Islamic countries suc as Japan. and due to the positive increase of the numbers of Muslims in the south part of Kyushu island All that made the Islamic community in the south part of Kyushu island which is represented by the Satsuma Islamic Culture Cente, think that establishing a Masjed is one of the most important and urgent projects in the current time to give official license and definition to the Islamic community in this area and to offer support to Muslims against the continuing Christian activity.

-Because the price to complete this project is high (almost $700,000 US dollars), the door to donations was opened, for more information, please CONTACT us.


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Contact Information:
Email: Ex-com@sicc-kagoshima.org
Mail: Kagoshima Islamic Culture Center, 2-28-1-509 Kamoike, Kagoshima890-0063, Japan.