Highlights SATSUMA ISLAMIC CULTURE CENTER (SICC) is holding classes for Arabic language and Quran teaching every Saturday for Muslim and Non-muslim residents of Kagoshima. Registration in these classes can be made by clicking "CONTACT" at the top of the page.

一般社団法人 イスラム文化センター薩摩

Satsuma Islamic Culture Center (SICC)


Wedding -
— SATSUMA ISLAMIC CULTURE CENTER (SICC) celebrated the wedding ceremony for one of our Pakistani brother to a Japanese Muslim sister on 12 July, 2009 (Sunday) at 6:00 pm. The ceremony and party took place in the International Kaikan 1st building, Kagoshima University. Most of muslim families and Japanese freinds attend. (Read More....)

Iftar Party - Ramadan 2009     

The iftar parties for Muslims of SICC on
    23.08.2009 (2nd Ramadan)
    30.08.2009 (9th Ramadan) Banagladeshi Host
    06.09.2009 (16th Ramadan)

It's Ramadan again.........
     The SICC Muslims of different nationalities prepared a colorful food on 23.08 and 06.09.2009 and invited Muslims as well as non-muslims to the evening Iftar-food in Intl-House at Kagoshima University. It was a wonderful familiar atmosphere. A large number of attending Muslims brought their friends and children with them, thus a beautiful age group from 0-50 years. On 30th August the Bangladeshi Muslims hosted the Iftar for all Muslims and some non-muslims od SICC.

   After breaking the fast with dates, the Magreb prayer took a place, during which either the kids prayed with us or they enjoyed playing. After that we had as always soup, different (International) main dishes and sweets. It was a casual and natural get-together in bigger/smaller round. Many Muslims and also non-muslims met each other; got to know each other; exchanged the phone numbers; and felt like a big family.
Thanks to all the members of SICC, all sisters who cooked so good and helped and all who visited us. Let this beautiful event repeat Inshaa Allah next year or and Eidul-Fitre.
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Mail: Satsuma Islamic Culture Center, 2-28-1-509 Kamoike, Kagoshima890-0063, Japan.